A Six Year Partnership

Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa

Orderly has been working with Starbucks since 2011. From piloting in a handful of stores to a rollout across EMEA – our solution is now proven and trusted to deliver value across thousands of stores.

The Problem

Back in 2011, Starbucks captured orders from store managers via phone, fax and email. Huge manual effort from a large team was involved importing or relaying these orders into Oracle.

The Solution

Utilising our tried and tested platform, we developed a constantly improving enterprise order and inventory management solution for them, helping store managers order stock across Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Quick to Value

Starbucks needed a solution and they needed it quickly. We used an agile approach to roll out our Orderly solution based on Starbucks’ requirements. We had three teams working simultaneously on an Oracle EBS ERP connector, front end customisation including UI / UX consultation and user training materials and documentation. This allowed us to pilot in 3 Starbucks stores within the UK within 3 months.

We’re now in thousands of Starbucks stores across EMEA.

Fast To Pilot

Our approach brings most enterprises to pilot within three months – allowing them to see the value Orderly Inventory provides them before they commit to a full rollout.

Constant Enhancement

Starbucks join our quarterly enhancement panel to lend their expertise to ensure our platform is constantly improving.

“The ability of the Orderly team to integrate with our corporate backbone using SOA and SAAS architecture, ensures we can deliver the growth and stability we need to meet the requirements of our business partners”

Marcellus van den Berg

Starbucks EMEA

Orderly Inventory Will Increase Your Profitability

Orderly Inventory reduce waste and your gap (by working eliminating over-ordering) whilst increasing stock availability.

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