Increase Profitability. Decrease Waste.

Orderly Inventory reduces your enterprise’s cost of goods sold whilst increasing your stock availability.

Learn how Orderly supports Starbucks across Europe, The Middle East and Africa

Full visibility. Full control.

From 100 to 1000 stores – Orderly Inventory empowers your store managers to make better purchasing decisions whilst giving you full visibility.

The Orderly Scorecard®

All store managers are ranked using a fully automated balanced scorecard system – letting you see their performance at a glance, and letting them know areas of improvement. By giving your managers simple and clear visibility and metrics, they are empowered to meet the targets you set.

Inventory and Order Management

Orderly Inventory represents a full order and inventory management suite. Integrating with your POS, your suppliers and logistics providers – Orderly removes complex workflows and allows your store managers and head office to concentrate on the targets that matter

Effortless for Head Office

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your SaaS or a clean, corporate portfolio, Stack has your design needs covered.

Full Accountability

A suite of reports provides full visibility of all stock items ordered and in-store. We make it easy to slice and dice data or export to your favourite tool.


See store performance and inventory statistics in real-time to make decisions based on up-to-the-minute information

Performance Management

Using the Orderly Scorecard®, head office can view store manager leaderboards and aggregate statistics – highlighting potential points for improvement

Invoice Reconciliation

Invoice reconciliation integrated with your choice of accounting software – a smooth workflow to save time and reduce errors

“The ability of the Orderly team to integrate with our corporate backbone using SOA and SAAS architecture, ensures we can deliver the growth and stability we need to meet the requirements of our business partners”

Marcellus van den Berg

Starbucks EMEA

Orderly Inventory Will Increase Your Profitability

Orderly Inventory reduce waste and your gap (by working eliminating over-ordering) whilst increasing stock availability.

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Simple for Store Managers

We make order and inventory management as simple as online shopping – letting your store managers concentrate on meeting their targets (and delighting their customers).

Task Based Interface

Simple user flow providing tasks for the store managers – allowing them to check off actions (e.g. take stock, receive items, etc) and move on with delighting their customers.

Hints and Tips

The Orderly Scorecard provides hints and tips of how to increase their ranking (and store profitability). Think of it as a credit score for being a store manager!

Suggested Ordering

The system can suggest orders to store managers based on forecasts and min / max totals – assisting the ordering process but holding them to account on profitability

Any Device – Any Time

Orderly works on any internet connected device – so your staff can stay connected wherever they are though. Access can be revoked at the touch of a button, so data stays safe.


Key Features

A fully featured suite of order and inventory management tools to improve store and store manager performance.


Store managers are ranked via balanced scorecards to focus on profitability

Suggested Ordering

Minimise waste and allow managers to focus on amending forecasts


Receive items line-by-line against orders and request credit notes with media attachments

Transfer Networks

Create transfer networks with full automation and request / acceptance hierarchies


All data is completely exportable to authorised users via a range of reports, alerts and dashboards

Simple Stock Take

Stock takes are made simple with a UI that ‘remembers’ the location of stock items in your store

Recipe Management

Evaluate theoretical vs. actual usage with automated inventory depletion

Cloud Based

The secure system can be accessed from any location on any internet-enabled device

Integrates Everywhere

We can integrate with all major points of sale, ERP and accounting software via our open architecture

Working in Partnership with Starbucks Across Europe, The Middle East and Africa

Orderly plays a critical part in Starbucks operation – learn more about our five year partnership.

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